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1100 SW Myrtle Drive

This Portland Heights Sophisticate was designed by Van Evera Bailey whose homes were noted for their regional sensibility, their livability, and their structural innovation. Presented by Justin Harnish.



Take 5?

Does the closure of Jimmy Mak's signal the end of a once vibrant Jazz scene in Portland... or can organizations like PDX Jazz stir something in the the soul of a newer and much younger audience? 


Fighting Food Insecurity

1 in 5 kids - or about 20% of students in school -  faces hunger everyday.  Pacific Foods' #NourishEveryBody program helps fill the gaps in school meal programs so no child goes hungry.


Downtown Portland

(Re) Discover Downtown

Portland’s compact, walkable downtown offers easy access to great food, green spaces, cultural offerings and tax-free shopping. Browse the city’s most diverse mix of retail brands, see a show and grab a bite to eat.



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