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Often conjoined with it’s neighbor, Boise, Eliot stands out with it’s fierce resistance to commercialization. Eliot has faced gentrification head on, allowing for a number of local music venues and watering holes while maintaining a distinctly local vibe. McDonalds tried unsuccessfully to set up shop here but you will be welcomed.

Vernon At-A-Glance

Where is Vernon?
Vernon is located in Northeast Portland. It is bordered by the King, Woodlawn, Concordia, and Sabin neighborhoods.  Vernon Neighborhood Association is part of the Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods and is included in City of Portland's Office of Neighborhood Involvement.  

Real Estate Year-in-Review for 97227
Based on data from Regional Multiple Listing Service (RMLS), there were 39 homes sold last year within the 97227 Zip Code with an average sales price of $531,899. The average Combined Days On Market (CDOM) for 97227 in 2016 was 27 days. The Sold-Price Ratio was 99.91 percent, which denotes the percentage of difference between the original list price and the sale price. Buyers were represented by their own agent (separate from the listing agent) in 92.31% of the transactions listed in RMLS for this Zip Code.

Vernon Schools
Neighborhood attendance areas for the Vernon neighborhood include the following schools: Vernon (K-8), and Jefferson/Madison Schools. For more information on schools, bus schedules, attendance areas and a host of other useful information please visit Portland Public Schools. For ratings, visit GreatSchools.org.

Eliot Demographics
According to public records, the Vernon neighborhood has a total of 12,893 total households with more white collar workers (15,914) than blue collar workers (11,798). Most residents are college educated. 6,899 residents have a Bachelor’s Degree, while 4,242 have post-graduate degrees. Median income for those aged 45-64 is $55,854, while those over 65 show a median income of $46,711. Average household income is $65,775. Average household net worth is $481,324.

Vernon Lifestyle

Housing in Vernon offers some of the best values in Portland.  The term ‘up-and-coming’ is often overused, but is an honest assessment of the situation in this dense and diverse urban neighborhood. Not vying to join the ranks of its trendier neighbors, Vernon remains a comfortable and convenient urban neighborhood with a lot to offer.

The many young families and first-time homeowners are drawn to the neighborhood for it’s quiet and well-maintained streets.  A healthy number of bungalows and cottages up the cuteness factor of Vernon, and its location belies the less than 15-minute drive downtown.

Alberta Park (in the northeast corner of the neighborhood) offers a host of activities for the kids as well as an off-leash area for the dog.  Escape the confines of a dog park for the Alberta Park trail, which orbits both the park and the conveniently located Vernon Elementary School.  

Easily walkable from most of Vernon are the popular eateries of Alberta and Killingsworth Streets. These destinations will also provide the unique shopping and entertainment options Portland is known for.

Vernon receives the following grades from Walk Score: Walk Score: 87, Transit Score: 50, Bike Score: 80.

Stan Davis, Principal Broker Tigen & Hill Realty Group (503) 123-4567

Stan Davis, Principal Broker
Tigen & Hill Realty Group
(503) 123-4567

M. Timothy Smythe, Sr Loan Officer   Local Lender Inc   (503)   987-6543

M. Timothy Smythe, Sr Loan Officer
Local Lender Inc
(503) 987-6543

Janet Evans, Senior Escrow Officer   National Title Company   (503)   987-6543

Janet Evans, Senior Escrow Officer
National Title Company
(503) 987-6543

Getting Around Northeast Portland

No wonder homes in Northeast Portland are among Portland's hottest sellers on the market in recent memory.  The neighborhoods that comprise ‘Central Northeast’ offer a wealth of distinguished homes, tree-lined streets, family-friendly activities and top-performing schools. 

From Laurelhurst Neighborhood to Alameda and its Beaumont-Wilshire neighbors, houses displaying a flair for architectural details abound. Alameda Ridge provides magnificent views of the city and nearby Grant Park provides a stunning backyard playground for people of all ages. Forgetting Lloyd Center for a moment, there’s ample street shopping along Fremont as well as Broadway - whose success owes to the introduction of a streetcar that ferried people to their suburban homes from downtown in the early 1900s. Look closely and you can still see the vestiges of the tracks peaking up from beneath the asphalt. 

If the Central Northeast neighborhoods around Hollywood and Alameda point to Portland’s tonier past, the neighborhoods of Albina, Boise, Eliot, Concordia and the increasingly popular Alberta Arts district - located in what is referred to as ‘Inner Northeast’ - reveal how Portland perceives its future. At the same time those streetcars were popping up, a significant African American population was discovering Portland, finding work in the many jobs available on the river and in the shipyards. A host of controversial - and now illegal - practices forced the African American community to take up residences in the Albina district where the Moda Center now resides. For a time, a lack of city funds to improve or even maintain the neighborhoods resulted in these neighborhoods adopting an impoverished and lackluster appeal.

But all that has changed. Gentrification has allowed the refurbishment of numerous homes that rival those in Laurelhurst and Beaumont. Businesses have popped up along streets where no previous reason to visit existed. The poster-child of progress is the Alberta Arts district - a melting pot of flavors, styles and attitudes culminating in a colorful blend of businesses, art studios and apartments. To see this on full-swing display visit the Alberta Arts Last Thursday event from May to September to find all 15 blocks of this area consumed by this community grown event featuring artists, vendors, musicians, performers and street food. 

You’ll never have to travel out of NE to satisfy any of your nightlife cravings. Cheer on the Trailblazers or take in a mega-concert at the Moda Center. Relax in front of an indie flick at the Hollywood Theater. Reserve a spot at the Laurelhurst Market for your anniversary dinner, or pop in to Secret Society for an aperitif. Millennials might opt to stray across MLK Boulevard to avail themselves of the opportunities too numerous to mention on Mississippi - from the wealth of bands at Mississippi Studios, the down-market Crow Bar or the trendy Moloko night spot.

The past has been exceptionally beneficial to those neighborhoods in NE closer to the city’s center, and the future looks just as promising for the outlying neighborhoods. It is safe to say that some of the best deals in Portland’s real estate market are found in NE, fueling its increasing popularity. Northeast Portland offers a neighborhood for everyone - well-established families and those just starting out will find a place to call home. Young and single?  There’s a place for you as well.


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